Benjamin Hubert

Cloud-like appearance

Bauhaus brings you an insight into the creation behind the Strand Pendant with British award-winning designer Benjamin Hubert.

Modern Form

The Strand Pendant Lamp is designed with soft, playful forms for a modern expression. The design provides both diffused lighting and direct lighting, the latter through its top and bottom opening. The design is made in a sprayed cocoon material that consists of tiny strands for a complex, intriguing structure that, paired with its modern form, gives the Strand Pendant Lamp an almost cloud-like appearance.

Comfortable Glow

With its cocoon material filtering light through for a warm, comfortable glow, the Strand Pendant Lamp hovers lightly in space, bringing comfort, harmony and a refined sensitivity to any room.

Imaginative formations

Designed in various sizes and shapes—three open and three closed—the Strand Pendant Lamp provides both fully and partially diffused lighting with the option of direct light.

The design can be used separately, in clusters and in imaginative formations, be it in a dining area, hallway, lobby or living room.


The Strand Pendant Lamp is made by spraying a steel-structure with a Cocoon material originally developed as a sort of weather-resistant skin protecting metal products and surfaces from corrosion and the elements when shipped by sea. The unique spray-on method makes it easy to use on small as well as monumental objects, such as turbines and cargo ships. 


The Cocoon material was first used to make lamps and smaller objects in the 1960s through a mechanical process that made it possible to spin a steel grid in the material, much like a silkworm spins a cocoon of raw silk around itself.