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Muuto has come to mean objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

It is a collective of over 30 Scandinavian furniture and homeware designers, adding to the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. Muuto, from the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.

For Bauhaus good design starts with the person. Muuto handpicks Scandinavia’s brightest design talent and gives the freedom to express their individuality in everyday objects. Some want to change the world, others find passion in colour and shape or draw deeply from personal experience. How do they see a chair, vase or lamp?

The Muuto product will stand out immediately, through bold colour, quirky and fresh design.

Muuto are perfect partners for Bauhaus.

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Around the world Camerich follows a democratic ideal offering high-end design at affordable prices. Adaptable and customisable, Camerich’s modular sofa systems allow you to create sofas to suit your ideal need.

Camerich sets out to use the finest materials in each and every component in our modern designer furniture. Butter soft leathers or our impossibly plump feather down-filled cushions. Camerich down is selected from optimal down feather controlled to within 2-4cm in length.

Sofa frames are of solid Birch hard wood whilst imported Grey Ash adds a striking final touch to many Camerich lounge chairs and sofas on exposed armrests or elegantly tapered feet.

With over 90 stunning fabrics inspired by the latest modern design trends, Camerich upholstery is rich in colour and in texture. From classic linens to plush patterned synthetics we test materials extensively to ensure fine durable fabrics. Our supple premium leather is tanned in Texas to uniform Pantone colours. Aniline dyed to ensure that the natural texture of the hide is retained while P-grade man-made leathers are thicker and firmer and are the perfect covering for our stylish modern coffee tables with a protective top-coat to improve stain and scratch resistance.

Heavy duty cold-rolled stainless steel supports our furniture whilst legs are die-cast in zinc alloy to give a sleek, pristine finish. We offer both chrome and titanium finishes in our range. For extreme comfort most of our sofas wrap high density polyurethane foam cores in premium feather down for a resistant and strong supportive foundation to your sofa cushion, which will maintain its shape over time.

All Camerich furniture from Bauhaus comes with a free 5 year* warranty as standard, and sofas come with a free 10 year* warranty.

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Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue - multi-awarded furniture designer from Cebu graduated in New York at Pratt wiith highest honors. He has worked in Italy and Germany. His brand is known around the world for its unique designs, and his roster of clients including Brad Pitt and royalty.

His awards include 5 Japan Good Design Awards, the grand prize at the Singapore International Design Competition, the Design for Asia Award of Hongkong, the American Society of Interior Design Top Pick selection and the French Coup de Coeur award. Several of his designs appear in London and New York’s International Design Yearbook . Phaidon’s book entitled "& FORK" underscores Kenneth's position as a leader of a new movement incorporating new technologies with craft. He has appeared on European television, countless international magazines and newspapers around the world. Various Cobonpue designs have also appeared on TV and movies in shows such as Oceans 13 and CSI.

Kenneth reveals new work each year in design shows from Paris to New York. He also speaks regularly about Southeast Asian design all over the world. In 2007, he was recognized by TIME magazine.

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To us furniture is a form of visual art framed by practicality, timelessness and comfort. Design should be unique and inspirational, but also realistic, sustainable and affordable. Karpenter furniture is born from the dialogue between creative designers and technical craftspeople. Creative designers play with ideas, shapes and textures. Our craftspeople translate the ideas into craft techniques. This is the human process. Behind it lies the nature of the materials we work with, which ultimately gets the last word, always. This is why we say: Designed by us, defined by nature.

Karpenter furniture represents a merge between the intelligence of ancient carpentry and the precision of modern technology. Solid wood-on-wood joinery that holds the secret to the durability of our products is perfectly fitted by Italian precision machinery. Behind the machines are experienced craftspeople, who assemble each piece by hand, and unite wood with leathers, fabrics and metals.

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Many things have changed since 1955 when the Wendelbo furniture business was founded in Aarhus, Denmark. Upholsterer and founder Tage Petersen had a goal of producing custom-made sofas using the old-fashioned styles of craftsmanship and incorporating values such as quality, precision and pride. These values instilled by the founder remain core to the business today.

Since 1989 the company has been run by second generation - Christina & Lars Wendelbo. Under their leadership, Wendelbo has become a well-known and preferable supplier of upholstered furniture to the Scandinavian market. The company is constantly innovative in terms of focus and design. The style has become more contemporary and the production has become more industrial - without forgetting the traditional values.

In 2007 the company decided to move its production to Saigon, Vietnam. This move has proven to be a clever move and the beginning of a new era for the company. It has helped expand the company on an international level, with selected customers in more than 25 countries carrying the Wendelbo brand.

Christian Wendelbo - third generation, currently manages the Vietnam factory and its 250 plus highly skilled workers. Responsible working conditions are heavily weighted and there is a strong focus on CSR. Production runs smoothly and efficiently under his management and all tasks are carried out in Christian Wendelbo’s grandfather’s spirit: Craftsmanship and quality in every single detail. These values are as important in Vietnam today as they were in Aarhus in 1955.

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