Sustainable Fiber

We recognise the impact we have on the environment through the natural resources we use. As part of their sustainable initiatives, the team at Muuto are working to increase their use of recycled materials in order to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources. By doing this we can bring new life to plastic waste, further reducing the amount sent to landfills or incinerators. Bauhaus are proud to partner with Muuto in bringing this new product innvocation to their classic design to New Zealand.

80% Recycled plastic

The Fiber Armchair and Side Chair without upholstery uses a minimum of 80% recycled plastic. By substituting at least 80% of the virgin plastic in the production of its shell, we minimize the use of new material, instead of reusing existing material a second time around.

Reduced environmental impact

Transforming the production of the Fiber chair is an ambitious starting point in becoming more circular in our consumption of raw material. In fact, by switching to recycled plastic Muuto expect to save more than 50 tons of virgin plastic in 2022.

Why not 100% recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is often of a lower strength grade. This is due to re-granulation of the material — when plastic is recycled, it is cut into smaller pieces in order to be able to mold new parts out of it. The cutting weakens the strength of the plastic.

Durability means sustainability

To ensure that the design is long-lasting, virgin plastic with strength improving additives are combined with the recycled material, enabling high durability.

To us it is a reasonable trade-off — creating a highly durable chair that will last for years to come, still using at least 80% recycled plastic. We believe that this will impact the environment less than creating a more frail chair with a shorter lifespan made in 100% recycled plastic.