Marvin Unger

In their bright and spacious Munich apartment, stylist Marvin Unger and his partner Stephan make a study out of living with their whimsical collection of design pieces and found objects, creating their very own expression.

Marvin offsets the sleek modern architecture with playful pieces of furniture and colorful objects organized in the flexible grid of the Stacked Storage System.

The Apartment

Five years ago, Marvin Unger and his partner Stephan fell in love with a recently developed 80 square meter apartment in Munich, Germany. Its open layout and immense floor-to-ceiling windows facing south – filling the rooms with warm light even in winter – wowed them. Half a decade on, it has become much more than a home, equally a studio for Marvin's personal work spanning fashion, interior, still life and set design. 

The Lifestyle

"I am a freelance stylist, content creator and sometimes a photographer, and our home is also the base for my work– I use it as a studio for my personal photography and as a place to collect, display and store art, objects, props and other pieces that are close to my heart."

The Move

Upon moving in, the couple had already planned several built-in cabinets, but still wanted to strike a good balance between open and closed storage. Stacked, with its broad range of modules – with and without doors – ‘perfectly serves both needs’ according to Marvin, adding that the system is the ideal complement to their existing cabinets, all while bringing something fresh to the home. 

The Future

For now, I think we’ve found the perfect configuration for our space and needs. I have been considering expanding to a creative studio space. I do not know when, but I know that I have a beautiful and versatile Stacked Storage System that can adapt to any room or situation. I could easily add a few modules to the system creating a higher shelf to add more display space or add another base and split up the existing modules to make a long sideboard.