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Inspiration for your Hallway

The characteristic small family of circled hooks by Norwegian designer Lars Tornøe is a friendly addition to any wall, assisting your clothes with the greatest care. Perceived as a social set of hooks, the Dots serve to welcome one another in scattered or symmetric patterns on the wall.

Muuto Fiber Lounge Chair - maximum comfort, minimum space

Designed by globally renowned Copenhagen-based design duo, Iskos-Berlin, Muuto’s new Fiber Lounge Chair is a stunning addition to any contemporary home.

“One of the most difficult and noble disciplines of design is to create well-functioning and almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have a strong identity,” says designer duo Iskos-Berlin on their approach to the Fiber Lounge Chair.  He believes they’ve achieved that difficult balance with the Fiber Lounge Chair - combining comfort and beauty to great effect.

A Sensuous Design: Pebble Rug

Inspired by the sensuous feeling of walking across a pebbled stone beach, the Pebble Rug by Margrethe Odgaard brings new perspectives to textile design with its tactile character, unique expression and refined forms.

"My work is driven by a continuous exploration of colors and patterns within the materiality of design", says Margrethe Odgaard on her design philosophy. As a means of seeking to uncover how design can have a sensuous appeal in a positive, stimulating manner, Odgaard designed the Pebble Rug for Muuto.

Thoughtful Storage: Restore Series

Created from the humble idea of storage objects that had a welcoming and distinct expression, the Restore Series by Mika Tolvanen bring new perspective to storage baskets through an innovative material and contemporary colour palette. Here, we visit Tolvanen in his Helsinki studio to learn more about the design.

Comfortably Contemporary: Cover Chair

Born from the aspiration of creating a soft and modern wooden armchair, 'Cover' came to life after three years of experimentation by designer Thomas Bentzen. When Thomas first set out to design a wooden armchair, he wasn’t entirely sure which approach he’d take and, subsequently, his sketches covered an array of possible directions.

Timeless Elegance from Camerich

We really love the elegant proportions of this black leather lounge chair from Camerich. Several of their designs caught our eye but from a shortlist which also included the Arc and the Flora low back lounge chairs (also from Camerich) it was this one that we finally settled on for home. Its lines are strong but understated and we wanted to allow lots of space around it so that its geometry could be appreciated from different angles. With its low deep slanted seat the Simon has a distinctive geometry, almost like that of a rocking chair, which gives it a contemporary laid back look. We've placed ours in our reading corner, but in a larger room consider placing two of these chairs side by side opposite a sofa.

New York Lofts - Lafayette

There’s no question that New York City is a hotbed of architectural talent, but we were especially impressed by the work of Lang Architects and Anna Beeber (Champalimaud Design). 

Their recently completed Lafayette Loft was the epitome of bold, refreshing design.  During this gut renovation, every single wall was removed, which gave way to an all-new 4-bedroom floor plan.  But it wasn’t just the new floor plan that helped define the space —it was the little flourishes.  Newly installed pocket doors, made from both glass and steel, helped close the kitchen off into its own independent space.  And the bathrooms and bedrooms were offset from the public living spaces as well. 

Additionally, a great deal of structural work added even more to an already astonishing home.  The loft’s steel structure was restored, and is now exposed.  Plus, the light color scheme used throughout really amplifies the natural light that fills this home.  All in all, this was truly remarkable work.

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