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Grey Lynn showroom open now! 254 Richmond Rd.
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The Art of Buying Statement Furniture

When buying a new piece of furniture, style and quality of course come to mind. While investing in a significant piece of furniture might initially have a higher price tag, it's almost always a valuable long-term investment. And if you’re shunning ‘toss and trash consumerism’, timeless, built-to-last pieces are better for the planet and your conscience too.


Consider it's function?

As Steve Jobs said, “The real design is not a shape. The real design is how it works.” Unlike mass produced furniture, or ‘designer knock-offs’, genuine quality furniture unites innovative design and premium materials.

Quality materials and skilled craftsmanship

Good quality furniture is created by a designer or company that has spent years honing their craft and refining the manufacturing process. It will be crafted from top of the line materials to ensure an exemplary finish that is as durable as it is stylish, so it can be treasured and proudly passed down from generation to generation.

Workshop-chair-close-up-1A more sustainable approach to manufacturing

A higher price tag often relates to ethical manufacturing too. Not only will the original Eames Chair last a lifetime, it is now produced from a sustainably harvested wood. Many Herman Miller chairs have Cradle to Cradle certification and can be disassembled to recycle or reuse the materials. The factory that produces the Aeron chair is designed by William McDonough, a globally recognised leader in sustainable development, and produces only a car boot worth of landfill waste each year.

A standout piece in your home

Muuto Reflect_scene_ 1024x1024-1Let’s not forget the purpose of furniture… whether it’s a choosing the perfect dining table, or deciding on your dream sofa, there’s more to consider than just good looks. You’ll need to take into account the size, colour, materials and placement in your home. Buying an important piece of furniture is not only about falling in love, it’s about finding what works with your personal style and suits your practical needs – now and for many years to come. Our expert customer service and extensive range can help you get it right.

It's always good to do a bit of research in advance. Here's our 6 top tips on what to consider when combining a new piece with existing styles, so you get the most from your furniture investment.