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Grey Lynn showroom open now! 254 Richmond Rd.
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Smart beautiful home storage that makes life better

Now that the holidays are a distant memory, it’s a good time to focus on getting your home organised for the rest of the year. If you live in an older home with very little built in storage you are probably well aware of how life-changing effective storage can be. Not only is it visually appealing, but you can find things when you need them. Adequate storage means less time looking for something you’ve ‘put somewhere safe’ and more time enjoying the good things in life - and that’s got to be a good thing. 

Display the things you love

Your home doesn’t have to look like a show home to be stylish. Putting your favourite books, sculptures, vases etcetera on display not only creates visual interest but means you can get to them easily when you want to enjoy them.The Compile shelving system is a sleek storage solution that adds style to a living area or an office (or home office), while also providing practical storage space. 

Large black shelving unit in office
The compile shelving system - fully configurable from single shelving units to full wall units 

Light grey shelving unit
The smaller Compile Shelving Config 5 

Buy sustainable products

Buying more eco-friendly furnishings is top of many people’s minds now and for good reason, we only have one earth. Our Muuto Restore series of baskets and trays are a sturdy felt-like fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottle fibers. The baskets are ideal for throwing in those items that you need to keep but want out of sight, such as spare blankets and children’s toys. Seagrass is another sustainable, all natural texture that is on trend and perfect for storing bits and bobs around the home. 

Colourful storage baskets
Muuto Restore Baskets in a range of sizes, colours and shapes

Duster Baskets
The Duster Basket, perfect easy portable storage


Use shelving to create multi functional spaces

There’s no need to see shelving as purely functional; they can be used to help to define a space. Muuto Stacked storage system is a great example of storage that adds real interest to the home. Depending on where they are placed, they can be used as wall shelving, to divide a room into two different areas or even be used as side tables.


stacked-storage-system-master-stacked-storage-system 1
The Stacked Strorage System shown above and below can be almost any configuration - with or without doors

Boxy storage shelving
Stacked Storage System by Muuto

Storage for technology

If you can relate to the frustration of looking for a phone charger or the TV remote, it’s time to find a permanent storage solution for these often misplaced paraphernalia. A media cabinet with drawers, will keep everything tidied away and out of sight, but ensure it’s easily found when you need it. 

Large wooden media cabinet
The Circa Media Cabinet in white Oak

Playful storage ideas

Hats, coats and umbrellas are often officially ‘homeless’, which can mean they end up cluttering a space, especially if little people think that the lounge floor is a good place to drop their clothing. Why not make use of the wall to store them? Ideal for a hallway or child's room, Muuto’s storage dots are a convenient home for those accessories, while their design adds a delightful sense of whimsy and colour to the home as well.

Versatile storage ideas 

Storage furniture can add character and quirky style. We love the Tomo Side Table from Toou, which comes in a range of on trend shades and not only provides a great space to store magazines, books or board games, but can be used as a side table or a stool.

Ideal for a bathroom or even a bedroom, the Tosta Leaning Shelf can transform an otherwise tricky corner space into a storage area for towels, candles, plants or other hard-to-house items. If floor space is at a premium, Muuto’s metal Folded Shelves can be mounted to the wall to provide a sleek and modern storage space to the home or office.  

Tomo Side Table  in Pink

Leaning shelf
Tosta leaning shelf 


Muuto's stylish Folded Shelves

Talk to our in-store design consultants for help with home or office storage ideas.

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