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8 Genius tips to organise your living room

Spring is finally starting to make an appearance so now's the perfect time to give your home a lift. If your space is small, your house has been overtaken by tiny humans, or you've simply been too busy, getting everything in order and ship-shape is a must. It can hugely impact the feeling of calm an interior space can exude and help get summer ready.

These quick tips will help you get your home organised and looking fantastic in no time.

1. Don’t move clutter, clear it

You’ll be amazed how much space you have when you take the time to sort your home. If you have too many cushions and tattered throws, donate them to your local animal shelter. If toys are taking over, pack them and rotate them each month so kids don’t get bored. And consider a ‘one in one out’ rule with toys: your child must donate an old toy to someone in need in order to get a new one. It minimises clutter and instills generosity and gratitude.


2. Invest in a ‘clutter catcher’

Every lounge area should have a large bin or storage basket – it’s the ‘quick fix’ place to store books, magazines, board games, throws and toys when they aren’t in use. Our Restore range is made from soft, yet sturdy recycled plastic felt and comes in three shapes and sizes to suit.


Restore Baskets and Trays

3. Designate a junk drawer

Sellotape, tools, batteries, stamps, marker pens – all those little things you need from time to time can be housed in your junk drawer. Line it with a drawer organiser first to instill order and ensure that you can find what you need.

4. Shelve it

A shelving unit adds visual interest to the room and houses books, storage cubes, vases and art. For the ultimate in flexibility our easy clip Stacked storage system can be arranged as shelving, room dividers or even side tables. And if your area is really small, floating shelves add extra storage without compromising floor space. Tip: Organise books alphabetically or by genre so you can easily find what you’re looking for. 


Stacked Storage System, flexible and versatile

5. Not just for serving

The humble tray can be a key part of your home decor as it makes your coffee table look more pulled together. Pop a small vase, a candle or three (odd numbers work better in vignettes) and a stash of coasters, and it’s as functional as it is attractive. If your living room is too small for a coffee table, consider our Platform Tray, which is sturdy enough to sit on an ottoman. 


Platform Tray and Corky Carafe

6. Double duty

If you need extra space, look for furniture that offers both a storage and surface component, like a storage ottoman, or coffee table or side tables with built-in drawers or storage. Our Enzo table range is available in side table and coffee table with one drawer and the Plato coffee table doubles as a bookcase. 

7. Choose form and function

Organising doesn’t need to be boring. Muuto’s ‘The Dots’ are a tremendously popular and playful take on the wooden coat hook. They can be arranged in infinite numbers and combinations in a variety of sizes and are perfect for hanging clothes, bags, scarves, hats, keys – as well as becoming a unique wall graphic. 


Muuto's The Dots series

8. Make tidying a habit

Make ‘tidy up time’ part of everyday life. Consider a pre-bed ritual of fluffing the couch cushions and putting washing away to ensure your living room is fresh and welcoming for a new day. ‘Tidy up time’ can be part of the evening routine for young children, who must put toys away in boxes and cupboards before bed. 

Talk to our in-store design consultants to find living room furniture that will maximise space by providing extra storage and up the style quotient of your home. 

Call us (09) 302 2651 to arrange free expert advice in-store with our design consultant service. Or simply schedule an appointment.

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