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6 essentials for the ultimate home office this summer

Whether you’re working from the bach or regularly squeezing in a few hours work from home this summer, using the kitchen table can be frustrating and is often highly unproductive. Setting up a space that’s welcoming and calm and just a little bit stylish will inspire you to spend time there and will help make it enjoyable. So before you launch into your next business idea, there’s a few things to get right when designing your perfect home office space.


1. Choose the right desk set-up

Here’s where your available space and your work needs need to mesh. Since most work can now be completed electronically, the amount of space for storage and paperwork is often minimal. This frees you up to choose a desk that looks great and can maintain a relatively minimalist look.  Our striking 70/70 table is ideal and comes in a range of sizes to fit your available space. It also pairs perfectly with the Fiber Side chair, which has been designed for maximum comfort in minimum space and slides easily under tables. Of course, if you need to spend long hours at your desk, you’re best to consider an ergonomic desk chair.

Muutodeskandfiberchair70/70 Table, Fiber Armchair

Storagebasketdeskchairandshelf70/70 Table, Restore Basket, Folded Shelves, Grain Pendant Lamp


2. Keep it clutter free

Studies may show that messy people are geniuses, but we’re firm believers that an untidy desk decreases productivity and increases stress. Pop your pens, paperclips, and other office tools into a desk organisation tool, develop a filing system for papers (and stick to it!) and consider switching to digital organisational tools such as Trello or Asana to reduce paper to-do lists. Drawers and cupboards are ideal for filing, housing printers, scanners and document shredders or anything else you need. Available in black, white and grey, our Compile shelving system consists of a shelf and three heights of dividing tubes, which can be arranged to suit your space.

OrganiseddeskandfilingFeaturing Tip Lamp, Platform Tray, Base Table Oak, Compile Book End

LargeshelvesanddeskCompile shelves - available in a range of sizes adaptable to your space 

3. Consider your lighting needs

Ideally you will want to position your desk close to the window to get as much natural light as possible. But bear in mind any glare on your screen can be annoying. Window treatments such as Venetian or mesh blinds that allow filtered natural light through can be good options to reduce glare during the day. You’ll also need a purpose-designed desk lamp and, if space is at a premium, consider a pendant light to illuminate the area without taking up desk or floor space.

deskandlampwithstorageLeaf Table Lamp, Restore Tray

4. Create an inspiration zone

In a recent Fast Company article one CEO shared his habit of having a comfortable chair or sofa in his office to help shift perspectives. By having a completely different place to sit in his office space he's established an easy way to re-set his thinking. It can be the impetus for a creative shift that can inspire new thoughts on an issue, or when new inspiration is called for. Says one CEO, “I use this impromptu when I find myself creatively stuck. It’s a little bit magical. Just get a different chair and put it in the room.” Try our Bureau 3 Seat Sofa for a stylish Don Draper look.

Bureau Sofa for low key elegance

5. Get your greens

Studies show that there are multiple benefits to having plants in your office, such as reducing stress, increasing productivity, boosting creativity and sense of wellbeing, reducing noise levels and cleaning the air of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that come from various sources, like copiers and printers. Plants are an absolute must in an office. The ideal low maintenance air purifying plants for home offices include spider plants, peace lilies, cacti and snake plants.

Greenery in your home office is an absolute must


6. Don't forget to spark joy

All work and no decor are sure to make your home office space a dull place indeed. Just like other rooms in your home, it’s important to create a space that inspires you and gives you energy, rather than saps it. Make the space beautiful with a fresh coat of paint in a colour you love, hang pictures, and incorporate shelving for loved books, photos and sculptures.

Featuring Stacked Storage System,  Compile Bookend, 

Talk to our in-store design consultants to find the right furniture to create your ultimate home office space.  

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