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Grey Lynn showroom open now! 254 Richmond Rd.
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5 reasons we love our Bauhaus sofa



My partner and I didn’t have a stick of furniture between us when we bought our first property together a few years ago. We’d bought a heritage house and couldn’t wait to transform it into our home. However, we were complete newbies to a lot of things. It turns out we are definitely not contenders for ‘The Block’ and we weren’t all that great at furniture shopping either. One of the biggest mistakes was purchasing our couch.

Here’s where we went wrong.

  1. We hadn’t even measured our lounge to see what size couch would fit the space. Read: The sofa we purchased was small but had a very bulky frame that visually overpowered our lounge.
  2. We didn’t get the sofa professionally protected and just took the sales assistant’s word that ‘it should be fine’ under daily wear and tear. Read: It wasn’t.
  3. We didn’t take time to see if it was going to be comfortable for more than a minute. Read: I ended up choosing to sit on the floor most of the time.
  4. We chose a light fabric. Read: NOT suitable for children 

What’s more, a few weeks after we moved this horrendous beast into our lounge I found out I was pregnant. With twins! As I soon discovered, that couch was no match for spilly premature babies, let alone rambunctious toddlers that would eventually take flying leaps off it or ‘clean’ their jam covered fingers on its cushions.

Mine and my partner's shared hatred of that couch eventually culminated in us donating it to a charity before we went to Bauhaus to buy the couch that would last us for many years. 

Copy of Madison 3 seater + 2 seater cementThe Madison sofa, similar to the one Je 'Taime & her family chose 

So here are 5 reasons we're super happy with our sofa:

1. Quality

The Madison features deep, high resilience foam seating with feather and down wrap. It’s the best of both worlds: comfort and quality. And while it does require daily plumping, it goes back into shape quickly and easily instead of leaving tell-tale imprints on the seats.

2. Comfort

As mentioned above, the difference between foam seating and the combination of foam, feather and down is like night and day. The Madison is a couch you can really curl up on. In fact, you could comfortably sleep on it if you needed to.

3. Protection

We haven’t had to do it yet *touches wood*, but one of the key reasons for choosing the Madison was the fact that its frame and cushion covers can be removed and washed, which is ideal with a young family. Bauhaus also offers an extra fabric protection service that we invested in because this time around, we really want to take care of the fabric. 

4. Size

We had always been under the impression that our small lounge required a diminutive sofa, but we were wrong. Going a little longer with the sofa length not only lets the entire family curl up for (seemingly endless!) reruns of Moana, but also makes the space look bigger. The Madison sofa has a beautifully elegant, slender profile that is really well proportioned and, unlike our original couch, which had thick arms and back and not enough space for sitting, it prioritises space for bums on seats, which is just what our family needed.

5. Style

The Madison’s good looks immediately caught our eye and we knew that the light stain of the solid wood legs would be a gorgeous match with our mix of mid-century and Scandinavian furnishings. Given that we have rather wild young boys, we opted for dark ‘Gunmetal’ grey and a couple of throws for the kids to sit on but also add texture and colour.

05 - Je Taime Jpegs (5 of 131).JPG (1)Writer Je T'aime Hayr with her two children on her new Bauhaus sofa

If you’re looking for the perfect furniture for your household, I highly recommend a trip to Bauhaus, where the well informed staff can help guide you to something that will tick all the boxes and stand the tests of time.

For more information on how to choose a sofa, check out our ultimate sofa guide.

Or talk to our in-store design consultants for personalised advice. Call us (09) 302 2651 to arrange a free consultation, or simply schedule an appointment.

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