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5 Reasons linen should top your home furnishing wish list in 2020


Spanning a multitude of uses from sofa’s to armchairs, cushions and beyond we keep coming back to linen because of its versatility, comfort and good looks. Produced from the fibres of the flax plant – the seeds of which you likely enjoy sprinkled on your cereal or in your loaf of bread – linen dates back to 8,000 BC, making it one of the oldest textiles. Cool in summer and warm in winter it’s an eco-friendly fibre with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, so it’s no surprise that interior designers consistently choose linen for quality home furnishings.

Here are five reasons to love linen in your home.

1. Linen epitomises relaxed style

We’ve said it before… there’s a distinct shift towards making your home feel like a holiday home. Laid-back coastal styling vibes are more than just a passing fad, it’s about hygge, that Scandinavian inspired approach to home styling, which prioritises comfort. After all, who doesn’t want to sink into a soft sofa at the end of a hard day of work? Linen’s easy care durability and lived-in quality (like Brad Pitt, it still looks darn good with a few wrinkles) epitomises fuss-free living. In fact, linen’s texture and weave irregularities are part of its appeal and what makes it so beautifully unique. Little wonder that linen has become the fabric of choice for many premium contemporary furniture brands. Crumpled wash linen is, after all, the perfect material for a sofa or lounge chair cushions that you can’t help but cuddle into.

Hampton Sofa Grey Linen

Featuring the Hampton Sofa in Grey Linen and an assortment of Linen cushions

2. A sustainable, eco-friendly fibre

The flax plant from which Linen is made, is very versatile and requires less water and chemicals to grow than other textiles, making linen an eco-friendly option. Every part of the flax plant has traditionally been used to create a worthwhile product, including Linseed Oil, which is great for wood preservation. Flax can grow in poor soil and requires no additional water other than rainwater. What’s more, one hectare of flax can actually retain 3.7 tonnes of CO2. As a natural fibre, linen is recyclable and biodegradable and far stronger than cotton, so linen products are made to last, rather than wind up in a landfill. Its recent resurgence in popularity aligns with an eco conscious shift towards using natural products that avoid petroleum derived plastics and synthetic materials. 

Simon Chair in Linen

Featuring the Simon Chair in Cream Linen

3. The timeless elegance of neutral tones
While linen takes dye beautifully, most manufacturers tend to stay with neutral tones. And we think that’s a good thing. While colour trends come and go, muted shades never go out of style. Plus linen’s soft hues mean it’s easy to update and freshen the look with a bold pop of colour. Investing in a classic white linen sofa and then adding vibrant cushions is a safer bet for long-term style than vivid furniture that quickly dates. In fact, linen works beautifully with the current ‘rustic minimalism’ trend, which perfectly pairs crisp white linen with natural wood.

Eve white linen sofa and armchair

Eve sofa and Armchair in White Linen

4. Renowned for durability, it’s the ultimate choice for a sofa

The flax fibre used in linen is exceptionally strong and linen is one of the few fibres that is stronger when wet, which is why it has often been used in tea towels. When properly looked after, you can expect your investment in quality linen furnishings to not only last for many years, but, like your favourite leather jacket, it actually becomes more beautiful over time. It’s not unheard of for quality linen to be passed down through generations. Cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s the ultimate choice for a comfortable and stylish sofa. A linen cotton blend is a wonderful choice for a sofa and will last through many years of Netflix binging. Our Hampton sofa is a great choice for families as the slip covers can be removed and washed when needed. 

White Linen Sofa

Hampton Sofa in White Linen with La Palma cushions in Coral


Linen sofa with cushions

Eve sofa in Khaki Linen with La Palma Cushions in Gilver

5. Versatile enough to be used in all home furnishings

Linen is surprisingly versatile. Long fibres produce a premium, smooth and flat linen, while shorter fibres result in stubby, raw looking fabrics that are pleasing for their uneven feel. In fact, linen lends itself to the development of different fabrics using varying weaving and finishing techniques. The Japanese have created a crepe linen yarn, which is loved for its pretty, papery effect, but it’s far from fragile. Linen can withstand being pummelled in an industrial washing machine full of pumice stones; it just becomes more soft and supple after taking a beating. For all these reasons, linen is the ideal fabric to add texture and visual interest to your interior decor. 

Armchair and cushions

Nysse Chair with assorted Cushions & White Linen Eve Sofa in Background

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